Founded in December of 2016, Recursive Dynamics is helping to advance the average user's access to all kinds of technology that was previously held for the more wealthy or technologically savvy. As the company grows and diversifies, we will continue to offer more services to the public as well as to private organizations, the military and other government agencies.


To us, the importance of American-Made products continuing to exist, out-perform, and out-engineer our competitors in the world's marketplace is clear. That's why it is our purpose to design, manufacture, and provide our products, as well as to continue to develop new ones. The changes we want to see in the world involve quality of life, education, and furthering technological advancement. We believe that all things are achievable, not just through the devlopment of technology, but making sure it's placed in the right hands and used correctly.


The management structure here at Recursive Dynamics is very flat, much like that of Tesla, Inc. and Valve, Corp. -Although this has led to a slow-growing employee-base, so far we have been able to grow as a company and make decisions more quickly than might be possible with a more bureaucratic system of management. This was especially effective during the more turbulent periods of the Covid-19 pandemic, which pushed us to almost completely shift to remote work.


The people of Recursive Dynamics really are what make it a special place to work. We have some of the most dedicated employees you'll ever meet, and each person brings to the proverbial table their own set of strengths and skills. Below, you can see just who makes our administrative team so special.


Founder & CEO

    Adam Hudnall

Adam Hudnall originally founded the company in 2016, and still heads the various departments and quite often pitches in on active projects. Originally a software development and cybersecurity major, Adam is fascinated by technological advancement and loves to see what can be achieved when we work together.


Head of Development

    Melony Phillips

Melony heads our developmental programs, which currently involves the creation of video games and mobile games. Desktop applications and services are currently a joint effort, requiring efforts from the development teams as well as contractor skills where necessary.


Lead Product Designer

    Anna Newman

Anna Newman is currently our lead product designer, and is responsible for some of the most noticeable visual improvements in our products. Functionality is king to Adam, but presentation and market-desire are factors in sales that simply can't be ignored these days. That's where Anna comes in!