Recursive Dynamics is a relatively new company, and still offers very few products. That's where you, our loyal customers, can help!

If you have any ideas for hardware/software, or desired products that arent available affordably elsewhere and you think that they would have a real market, we might just be able to make it a reality! There are just a couple of important things to remember: We cannot respond to the majority of messages we receive through this portal, because there will likely be quite a few. We appreciate ALL your ideas, but some may be more worthy of research and development than others.

We ask that you be as detailed as possible and that you make sure the product doesn't already exist in any meaningful capacity. Remember, we're here to create the future, not recreate the present!

Please remember that by submitting your ideas here, you are giving Recursive Dynamics access to that idea, and the ability to then possibly make it real. There is no business partnership being formed. You'd be surprised how often we hear that request.

Finally, with regard to a real market, this has to at least appear to be a product that people other than yourself could want or use. There's no sense creating a prototype just to sell it and discontinue that product!