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We are always looking for the next generation of great thinkers who can guide our business forward, today and tomorrow. Check below for available positions in our Internship program.


Internship Opportunities

Full Stack Game Developer

Mobile Application Developer

Multiproject Creative Director

Working on a team of about three to five people, you will be responsible as a team for developing everything from the cover-art to the coded mechanics, the 3-dimentional models, and (with the help of a creative director) even parts of the storyline behind a game to be published on the Steam marketplace.

As a mobile application developer for this position, you will need experience with the Java language, the Android Studio integrated development environment (IDE), making secure requests via the internet between client devices and the server (HTTPS POST requests) and structured query language (SQL).

The creative director position here at Recursive Dynamics is one of great importance, and will have you in constant contct with members of each team. The creative director makes decisions as to how systems and stories progress, and how those progressions make sense with regard to the respective project.


If you are interested in any of the positions above, please feel free to contact us using the form below or by sending us an email at We work with several school systems around the United States to help students gain work experience and meet the educational requirements of their programs. This in turn helps the staff at Recursive Dynamics learn about current academic programs and techniques as well as the students themselves and in some cases, may help us find new full-time candidates!