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Jill Costa - Aug 19, 2021


This seller reached out when there was an issue, even upgraded me for free to assure I received my item. Great product and terrific customer service



Kiana - Jan 15, 2021


This was EXACTLY what I was looking for in a little crystal cluster lamp/night light! It's wireless with a remote which I love so I can display this on high shelves without fussing with wires, there's lots of light color options on the remote and glow shifts to choose from, and the crystal itself is good quality and a comfortable display size (not too big and not too small), and that's all just in the product! The creator himself was extremely pleasant to work with, and took initiative in reaching out to me personally to let me know my product was going to be a bit late (which wasn't even a problem at all, I still got it in a very timely fashion!!) and continuously gave me updates on the work he was doing until the piece was shipped out and on my door step! All around an excellent experience for me!!



Lisa Weingart - Jul 11, 2021


I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this company. I had to contact the owner because I had accidentally ordered the crystal lamp model that ran on batteries and I meant to order the model that has a plug (whoops!). They were quick about responding to me and accommodating my request. The actual lamp itself exceeded my expectations on quality. It also has so many options to control light effects, brightness, and color. The package arrived fast. I am very happy with my purchase and being able to support an American made product and small business. Thanks again!

3D Printed Mascot / Fursuit Eyes



For makers all over the world, our 3D Printed Mascot / Fursuit Eyes have helped to bring their creations to life! Capable of being run over by a car, and dropped from a drone, these eyes have been stress-tested and designed for use in items that may take a beating.

Lights & Power:

Our lighting system for these products is very efficient, and is comprised of 2x5mm LEDs in the colors of your choice. These are powered by a 2xAA battery pack with a switch, on a cable 5.4 inches in length.

Moods -- Height/Width/Depth (mm):

Happy -- 78/80/18
Angry -- 45/80/18
Sad -- 55/80/18

Pease note: This item does come as a pair, but does NOT come with mesh for the eyes and is NOT guaranteed to ship with batteries. This is due to rising costs relating to lithium shipments.

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