Copyright Strike!

Unfortunately, due to the somewhat Draconian copyright laws here in the United States, this product is no longer available for sale!

Recursive Dynamics Trip Mine

You see, our CEO at Recursive Dynamics was once a big fan of Black Ops III and the futuristic weapons the game had to offer. So he created (manually, without any assistance from Activision) an actual 3D model of his favorite defense-weapon, the Trip Mine!

Black Ops Trip Mine

But then, after creating the physically functional and beautiful item, in the real world, we recieved what amounts to a Cease and Desist from the almighty Activision! This of course resulted in an automated takedown on our store to minimize the chances of legal trouble, which of course wouldn't be worth the time considering the dismal sales.

The Takedown

Much more information regarding the non-physical and purely digital, non-physically-functioning version of the Trip Mine can be found here.