Last updated: April 17, 2021

Resellers of our products are welcome! We recommend reading this page as well as our Trademark Policies before reselling Recursive Dynamics products.


Reselling our items as a private buyer is ALWAYS okay! If you have purchased or been gifted an item from our company, you own that product outright.

Of course, reverse engineering, duplication, and other forms of policy violations are forbidden, and can lead to Trademark and/or Copyright infringement, but most buyers will not commit these infractions and almost certainly will never encounter these activities accidentally.

Essentially, and in summary, a Reseller is defined as a person, entity, or group that purchases Recursive Dynamics products or services for the sole purpose of reselling those items. A Reseller is licensed, by us, to officially resell our products. This license (or permission) can be revoked, and we have more information on that below.


At present, there are no discounts available for Resellers when purchasing our products. This is because almost all of our products are made to order, and are not produced in bulk ahead of time. This is subject to change! So, if you are curious about becoming a reseller for a particular product or set of products that we make, contact us using the communication options below.


Reselling our products once you have them is entirely under your control. We do not set prices for Resellers.


Attribution for our products is required to resell them. Without attribution, reselling, repackaging, or otherwise misleading a customer as to the origin of a product is a violation of our Trademark Policy and will be met with legal action. With this said, you are not permitted to claim that you, your entity, or your group represents Recursive Dynamics in ANY way. More information can be found regarding proper practices surrounding reselling or supporting our products and services in our Trademark Policies.

Privilege to Resell

The privilege to resell our products officially is available to certain sellers, at our discression. This privilege is subject to review at any time, and can be revoked.

Revocation of Reseller Privileges

In some instances, Recursive Dynamics will choose to revoke support of a Reseller. Resale of our products and/or services after this revocation is officially disallowed.

Some basic reasons for revocation are misrepresentation of a product or services origin, or conduct unbecoming of a Recursive Dynamics affiliate. We are NOT required to elaborate on causes for revocation of Resale privileges, however you will be notified of the revocation.

If a person, group, or entity is found to be in violation of our Reseller licensure, we may take legal action. If you see a person, group, or entity in violation of our licensure, please use the contact information below to bring the violation(s) to our attention. Be sure to have any necessary evidence at the ready during the reporting process.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, You can contact us: