Last updated: April 17, 2021

Returns of Recursive Dynamics products and services are handled on a case-by-case basis and are not always accepted. More information on specific cases and examples has been compiled below.


In order for a return to be accepted, typically, the original item must be mailed back to Recursive Dynamics if possible.

The cost of this shipping in most cases falls to the customer, however we may make exceptions in specific cases.

More information on how accepted returns (and replacements) are handled is available on our Warranties page, linked below.


Recursive Dynamics reserves the right to deny a return for any reason.

Refusal to return an order may result in the cancellation or voiding of a return.

More information on when, why, and how a return may be denied can be found on our Warranties page, linked below.


Once a return is accepted and fully processed, you may receive a refund in the order amount's entirety or a percentage thereof.

Typically, we do allow full refunds to be made, especially in cases where the original order was cancelled before it shipped out, or in cases where the original item was not custom, and was returned in good condition from the customer.

Refunds, complete or otherwise, are offered at the discretion of Recursive Dynamics case-managers.

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