Physical products sold by Recursive Dynamics have a 30-day limited warranty.


Warranty Limitations

Warranty coverage is limited to manufacturing defects and damage incurred during shipping.

Warranties do NOT cover additional accessories, such as batteries, even if batteries were included in the original shipping of the product. We often do this to lower setup time and hassle.

Warranties do NOT cover damages caused by Acts of God or force majeure. ie - if you drop and break your item, this is NOT covered.


Warranty Nullifications

Warranties will be null and void if:

The product is damaged physically

The product is repaired, maintained, modified, and disassembled


Warranty Replacements

Except in rare cases, fully at the discression of the Recursive Dynamics case-manager in charge of handling warranty cases, the original item will be required to be shipped back to Recursive Dynamics in order to process your replacement for any item.

Return shipping costs fall to the customer, again, unless otherwise stated by the Recursive Dynamics warranty case-manager